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Founder's Corner

These are ideas, photos, and suggestions specially curated by Gail and Justin to help you along your artistic journey.

Gail_Art on Wall.jpg
Gail_Art on Wall.jpg

I love the process of combining our inside and outside worlds. The arts are some of the few ways we can communicate with our inside world and have a conversation. Come with us and live in the moment and play.


When we were in grade school, many of us stopped growing creatively because a teacher, parent, or schoolmate made a critical statement about our art. It may have been harmless. “What is that?!”, or “the sun should be yellow.”  We then stopped doing art because we weren’t “good enough”. Yes, we stopped growing creatively.


There are many great artists out there – stop comparing yourself to them. Only one in a million people who do art start out as a “great” artist. A very few “do art” to be a great artist…but many do art for fun, or relaxation or just to try something new.


DO NOT let your critical voice stop you from moving forward and trying new safe adventures. The voice from your past is just that, “One voice that is gone”. Experience a video series that allows you to exercise your creativity by activating a different part of your brain that is just waiting for you to play with it. Share your experience with others walking down similar paths!

Join us and just have fun and grow!

Artistic Healings was Gail's brain child. It was born out of her frustration with the types of art courses that were being offered in health care facility settings. Gail had a vision of sharing her love of art with others, along with the powerful tools for healing which art had provided in her own life. Most importantly, through her background in art therapy, she devised an environment where it was safe for anyone to take part in without feeling scared or judged. Also, instead of boring step-by-step instructions, she created techniques and antidotes while exploring art as a means to introduce art into participants lives.

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