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Meet the Team


Gail Wirtz Costello MAT, MPS

Co-Founder & Board Member

When we are in our 60’s we should have something better to say than how hard we worked. It is important to leave behind a legacy.


I have coupled 40 years of growth as an art therapist working in almost every discipline, including graduate school teaching, private practice, hospitals, and treatment centers. 

As an artist, I was one of the first art therapists to graduate with a Masters in Art Therapy from the Pratt Institute, after receiving my Masters in Education. 

Congruently, I taught graduate art therapy at Northwestern University, The Art Institute, the Adler Institute and the University of Illinois for 23 years. 

I love working with families and art to create change. This is why Justin and I have coupled our experience in film making and art therapy to create a video and healing art experience to travel into hospitals, and treatment centers. We look forward to sharing our vision with you. 

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Justin Cohen

Co-Founder / CEO of Little Buddy Films

Since 2009, Cohen has been the creative force behind Little Buddy Films, a production company specializing in comedy and documentary features and branded entertainment. One of Cohen’s first major clients and mentors was the music, fashion and entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom he shadowed and closely documented for a year.


Cohen is also an accomplished editor: he cut his teeth working for two-time Academy Award winner Angus Wall at his creative firm Rock, Paper, Scissors, and in 2014, Cohen’s work was recognized with a Cannes Lion.

Since then, Cohen has collaborated with some of the most reputable companies in the industry. In 2015, he began working with The Walt Disney Company as an editor and producer; he has edited content for key marquee Disney franchises including Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and Disney Princess, and has produced and edited branded content for partners including Google, Nintendo and LEGO.

He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and young daughter.

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Maria McCabe

Board Member

After years of working in the mental health field, I learned that there are many ways to get a conversation going that will open up the potential for healing. One of those ways is through art. I paint. I paint in oil, water color, pastel and collage. When I paint, I find myself open to possibilities. I find focus and calm; answers and words. Being able to share this with others is why I chose to say "yes" to being a Board Member for Artistic Healings. This approach may help many heal from the life expreiences that have interrupted their welll-being.

Maria is a highly experienced mental health counselor and consultant.

She has served over 30 years in schools and sees children, adolescents and their families in private practice.


Maria provides educational consultation to schools and supervision for school counselors seeking their license as a clinical professional. She has served in leadership positions as President of the Illinois School Counselor's Association, Co-Chair of the School Age Committee of the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership, President of the Governance Board for Notre Dame College Prep, President of the Board of Directors for Mental Health America and many others.

Maria's Specialties: Child and Adolescent Counseling; Supervision for school counselors seeking licensure; Educational Consultation to schools; speaker and workshop presenter.

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Ruth Krywenko.jpeg

Ruth Krywenko

Research & Project Collaborator

My prior work as a Recreation Therapist, my personal experiences, and further education and research into the positive benefits of the arts, fuels my passion and commitment to others.


I value the opportunity to collaborate with Artistic Healings as they help make creative opportunity available to patients from Hoag Hospital and beyond. 


- Ruth Krywenko R.T.R, Retired, M.S.


Michael Trezza

Board Member

Michael is a technical CEO and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software design & development specializing in web and mobile applications. Over the course of his career he has developed compelling online experiences for the entertainment industry and solved complex data management challenges for multiple Fortune 50 companies.

His experience and background in technology, psychology, nature, music and fine art give Michael a unique perspective on his work and life. He is passionate about education, technology and futurism. 

Michael is currently the CEO and founder of Giant Leaps Learning, a supplementary high school program and individualized curriculum that teaches critical thinking and 21st century skills to creative and curious high school students.

When he’s not at his desk he loves rock climbing, camping, painting, playing guitar and spending as much time with his wife and daughter as possible.

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Lynne Kaplan, BAFA

Art Director, Founder Urban Arts OC

Urban Arts OC is the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a mixed media artist and longtime educator. Educated in sunny South Africa, Lynne has a degree in Fine Art and Industrial Design, and Practices the use of Art Therapy for healing with her Students. Lynne works in all mediums of paint and ceramics and is a passionate fused glass artist. She has exhibited her art around the world.

Her dream has been twofold. One being to find a space where professional mature artists can work in a creative environment. The other is to be able to have a cool Gallery and event space that could house art exhibitions and small parties.


Urban Arts OC does not only cater to adults, it also caters to kids of all ages, providing a space where people can create without fear of failing. Lynne’s philosophy is that there is NO wrong in art, every piece is a masterpiece and every one of us has an inner artist.

You can visit her website at

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