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Please check below to see if any questions you might have are answered below before filling out a request form.

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  1. I love this program and it's mission. How can I donate or get involved? We are currently running workshops through ArtBoxCDM located in Corona Del Mar, CA - If interested in attending, please visit the website to sign up and donations to Artistic Healings can be made this way.

  2. Do I have to be enrolled with a partner facility in order to take your courses?​​ We will provide access to individuals on a limited basis. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate you and specify which course or video you are interested in. 

  3. I know a hospital/care facility that would be perfect for this! What should I do? Find out who their program director is and encourage them to contact us!

  4. I only want to do one of the videos. Is that allowed? You are free to do as many of the videos as you are given access to and you can select in what order you want to do them in. Go at a pace that you're comfortable with and please feel free to provide feedback on our community page!

  5. How can I volunteer with Artistic Healings? Send us a quick message on our contact page and be sure to indicate what area of Artistic Healings you're interested in!

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